Public Sector Accurate Databases


Data integrity

Integrity is related to the quality of data. To ensure the highest quality data Ingenium public sector databases uses integrity constraints. These constraints are the rules that are designed to keep data consistent and correct. They act like a check on the incoming data.

Data integrity is of paramount importance to us and our in house research teams cleanse, enhance and develop the data in a real time environment making in excess of 100,000 changes a year.

The quality, accuracy and coverage of your data resources are critical to your marketing performance and can have a profound impact on your return on investment. Improved quality correlates directly with the number of opportunities created to build more business and significantly improve cost effectiveness while reducing wastage.

Ingenium can provide you with a sure and accurate way of evaluating opportunities to maximise market penetration, reach more people and remove unnecessary costs. It will also identify, on a ‘more from less’ principle, areas where additional intelligence could help pinpoint and profile the best and most likely future customers.

Good data quality is a measurable investment

Simply put, an investment in data quality will enable you to:

  • Maximise market penetration
  • Identify new prospect opportunities
  • Remove unnecessary costs
  • Increase response rates
  • Adhere to legal and legislative requirements

Developments in the UK Public sector have led to a significant number of organisational name changes and dissolutions with associated people movements. Year on year a typical data file shows a decay rate exceeding 55%

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